Monday, April 9, 2012

Santa Ana Week 2!

Okay so I just wrote a grand email and then the internet didn't work
and I don't want to type it all again. So I will summarize the main

Happy bday to or happy birth to Summer Grace, happy late bday to
Jordy, I pray for you and love you you are my fav bro in law, happy
late bday to Audry, I totallly forgot because there is no way she is

A shout out to Clare Smith who sent me a card all the way from the
Czech Republic, and to Phil Lollar, thanks Phil it meant a lot to me.

This week we had a multizone conference.  The spirit was strong even
though I didn't understand it all.  It's getting easier to understand
President Cordon.  He told us to study the last week of Christ's life
this last week end and study the resurrection on sunday.  Of course I
was happy to do because Easter is big in our family, I missed dad a
lot.  But it was sad because they didn't sing any easter songs in

I asked someone to be baptized this week who accepted.  Its kind of
hard to be excited though because I can never understand him because
he is old and I think at times not all there kind of like some of our
cousins are not all there if you know what I mean.  But I am excited
for Fam Lopez.  The husband is not a member but the wife is and they
have two little children.  We had an activity at the temple on friday
with the whole mission and our investigators.  I taught in Spanish
thank you very much about what primary is.  I will tell you more about
this family next week when hopefully the internet works.

Also this week I helped build a hut from bamboo sticks and cardboard
and chopped wood.

This week has been interesting because all the famlilies seem to be
fighting.  We walked in on a fight in progress that was escalating to
more than just verbal and I wanted to flee but we said okay one at a
time and we listened for a long time and then taught.  The husband
asked if all my family was members.  I said yes, he said he speaks
english becasue he is a english teacher.  He said its different here.
I said, I know I am from the US and all my family is members and its
different but my family is happy because my dad puts God first, and my
mom next.  If you want to show love for you son then love your wife, I
could tell he loved his baby son a lot so i told him its best to love
his wife.

My testimony of prophets is strengthened because The Proclamation to
the World is so so important, I would say more but dont have time.
The prophets truely know.

Well I want to hurry, ahh the dumb internet!

The area Doctor his wife Elder and Hna Drake and I, this is their
fourth mission and they are so funny and cool.

My comp in CCM, Carlos, and I
- Carlos was the chef that said - we have a lot of groups that come
through the CCM but your group was different I dont know why but they
were different and he teared up, and he gave me recipes. 

Learning how to make pupusas.

Washing my clothes.

Teaching about primary with other missionaries.