Sunday, January 29, 2012

Provo MTC Week One!

I made it safely to the Provo MTC!  For the boys who remember their first week - yes its probably the same as yours. 
I am learning spanish it seems super fast for me, but not so fast compared to others in my district.  But I have to remember not to get frustrated.  Its hard right now because I am in the back of the class and another hermana is in the front and she is majoring in French, actually she is one semester off graduating so she knows all the rules and grammar of french and its a lot like spanish.  So when the teacher says, do you understand she sepaks it all well and I am lost in the back.  I am always asking questions.  They said we are going to move the desks every week so that will be good.  I like our district mucho mas.  Of course, my personality has not changed and I get along better with the Elders than the Hernamans.  The Hernmanas are great too.

My teachers are super nice.  They only speak spanish to us so its hard.  They said to not worry its only the 4th day, but it can be stressful.  There is so much I can say about how things are run here.  They have changed it to focus on the investigator, which is good.  But we teach fake investigators so far and its a little weird but I still like it.

PS there is rumor that the 1st presidency is coming for devotional for the 50 years of MTC next week.