Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, WHAT, it can´t be thanksgiving!

We are all here writing our families and one elder my Zone Leader, Elder Hobbs goes home this next transfer to Idaho.  We and Hermana Condie got to talking aobut our mom´s cookies.  So I miss my favorite cookies that mom makes, pumpkin chocolate chip.  But we made a list, Gingerbreade, suger, no-bake, and I will have to say coconute oatmeal cookies from Kali´s grandma.  So we are not trunky at all, haha.  

So we had a multizone conference.  For lunch we ate sliced turkey (a crime because its better when it falls off the bone but we are in El Salvador), mashed potatoes, salad, doritos, and donuts.  We wrote our family a thank you letter, but I was too discracted to write a really good one.  So read the instructions of what you all need to do in my letter that I think the mission is sending.  

So it was a good conference.  The area of central america has a new 70 presidente, Elder Martino.  He wrote a letter to all the wards that we are to read all of the book of mormon by next general conference.  As a mission we are going to read special selected parts first and then start from the beginning in January and in two months read all of the book of mormon.  Thats one thing, but I read slower in spanish, but I like to read it in spanish.  The book of mormon is a lot easier to understand in spanish than the bible in spanish.  The area of central america also is starting that from this month on for every missionary that does not baptize for the month has to send a letter to the area presidente of why we did not baptize and what we are going to change.  Yikes.  I did not know what it meant to get chewed out till I got to the mission.  Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed, like, I did not want to serve just following what the Spirit told me, all I want to do is help out I did not want to make a big deal about it all.  But in the end it is a big deal.  THe mission has been really low lately, and the area presidente asked all the mission presidents that since this announcement from the Profet the work is being increased and what are we going to change to increase our faith and work with the Lord.  So presidente changed some rules.  We wake up at 6am instead of 6:30.  I wake up at 4:30 already so that did not change.  Less activities as a zone on p-days, and pday ends an hour earlier, but our presidente already said that so that was not new either.  I am actually really glad for the change because Pday is so hectic as it is that to do an activity all the time just makes it worse.  

So this meeting was good to get me rialed up.  I think after this announcement from Pres Monson, satan started working harder too.  And I am in this new area of which is a toughy.  But, I am disregarding all of that and going to go forward.  We learned that we actually have more area than we thought, so I am really excited about that.  Its almost like opening an new area because our neighbors are office elders and so they do not have time to rob from our area (a lot of you probably have no idea what I am talking about), so this area has been untouched for quite sometime.  We found out in this area is a hor house, and lots of lots of cathlics.  But I will baptize families in this area.  Many of the missionaries including my comp said, how ugly is this area.  I got a bit ticked, pulled down our map and wrote, my area is beautiful.  Of which if it is not right now it will be.  

So I wanted to get Christmas presents to you, but who knows how that will go.  But I got my Christmas package from Jeff and Jenn.  YEAH BABY!  I knew that the big one was hair gel that I asked for so I opened it because I wanted my hair to be pretty before Christmas, sorry.  But the others are still wrapped although Hermana Condie wants me to open them, she opened hers because she is a bad girl haha.  I am working hard, but will now lie I am excited for our Christmas conference when we have a talent show, because Hermana Cordòn said I can clogg, and I am singing in the choir.  It makes it more complicated for my area because we are gone monday and tuesday in the office.  Usually I am only in the office Tuesday.  But if the office elders that are in the office from monday to thursday can baptize so can I.  

I hope you are doing well, each and every one.  Someone say hi to JOrdan boldinghouse for me.  I miss him.  Where did you all have thankgiving, and did you share announcements and clap?  And did you miss my cooking, I have forgotten how to cook.  I can make oatmeal.  I cannot believe how fast time flies.  AHHH demasiado!  
I am nearing 10 months in the mission, and still my spanish is bad.  I cry sometimes because I am frustrated.  Its not sticking sometimes.  Lets just be honest, I am super frustated sometimes.  But deep breath and hardwork, lots of prayer, study, laughter, and love.  I can do it! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 9, 2012


I am a pround aunt AGAIN!  Preston is here, I like to tell people here they are always like, WHAT you have a huge family.  And I think, you have no idea you do not know the Smith Family or Mullenauex.  So we have 16 nieces and nephews and 30 in all, Jeff would make it 30.  Yeah I am happy.

On the contrary, I cried when I heard Obama won.  I prayed that I would have strength to raise my kids in this world and cried, but then picked my head up and remmebered part of my blessing that talks about my kids and that if I go to the temple we will be strengthened.  So its going to be okay as long as we keep our convenants.  

I am sorry I did not tell you anything about my comp, its because she was living the house with me before so I already knew here so I fogot to tell you all about her.  She is from Guatemala is 22 years old and has 1 year in the mission.  She has a lot of love She is patient with the nursing stuff, is a big help. 

We are still working with Israel, he read 1 nefi 4, and is continuing to read. 

We did splits the other day and I found some catholic boys and taught them them about the book of mormon.  Adres read 3 nefi 11, and we have another apt with them monday, yeah!  I am hopeful, they are super fun to teach.  Andres likes it, the others are kind of just listening to learn about the religion.

Well I am out of time, I love you all. 

Hermana Bryce

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I'm sorry. I've been an awful blog administrator for Sister Bryce. Here are some pictures of my beautiful sister!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Week 8

Please include Mary Anne in your prayers this week as she continues to heal from an infection in her arm.

Well, pues si, the arm story saga what have you continues.  I was released form the hospital and my arm was smaller but then it had three abcesses, two round like the third just hard.  I called Hermana Cordon and the next day we went to see an Infectologist in San Salvador - out of our mission.  Well before that let me give you background.  Before I came in the mission the mission always used the hosital in San Salvador, but then we got a new AMA or area doctor that said the hospital in Santa Ana would be sufficient.  But we learned from my experience that it is not.  They said they swabbed my arm for a culture, but they didn´t.  They used antibiotics that were not affective and changed them offen.   LIke they used an antibiotic one time.  Anway we wish we could have changed that but we can not.  Anyway then we went to the infectologist.  He didnt want to cut it open and take a sample so he just tought oh because you are a nurse in the united states I think its MRSA.  MRSA is the big daddy of infections.  But I dont feel really sick, I have engergy just my arm is still swollen in three places.  So we started Zyboz (Linezolide) Intravenous.  They don't have IV machines here so its just drip.  I recieved the frist dose of 4 in the hospital and then I admistered the 3 remaining ones ever 12 hours in my house.  We have a nail in the wall that acted as my IV pole.  My arm did get better. We saw the infecologist again, and then after a surgeon who said he doesnt think it is MRSA that basically we are killing an ant with a cannon with the big gun antibiotics.  Anwy way I have to run the day has been crazy.  But I cant work and my arm has to be in a sling.  All is well dont worry about me my President is good at taking care of me.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week 7

Dear Familia Bryce,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I MISS YOU, my bday present is to work on my spanish so we can talk when I get back.
So...The whole story about my arm.  I got a misquito bite, thats not new.  It looked bad, I scrubbed it, put neosporin on it, and bandaged it and it was better.  But then we had service and I lifted a ton of bamboo, and probably a ton too.  I got dehydrated, what else is new.  Then on Sunday morning this bite started to get redness and swelling around it, thats a sign of infection.  But it was coming on really really fast.  I marked it with pen and within hours it grew inches and inches.  I showed a nurse in my ward at the beginning of the morning and we decided i needed antibiotics, but then I showed her after it had grown inches and inches and she said you need IV antibiotics I will take you to the hospital right now.  But I have to have permission to do that.  I called and told the nurse thats what the other nurse that and my arm was huge, but the doctor didnt say I could go so i stayed at home.  Iiced and heat packed it for two days and took atnibiotics by mouth.  I went to the office on Tuesday like normal and the nurse drained like a cup of pus from it.  At this point my arm was swollen from my wrist to my shoulder and had been like that for two days.  I was feeling like the doctor wasnt getting the points so I measured it again, I had been measuring it often, and sent him the measurements.  Then my comp and I had a meeting with all the zone leaders and district leaders.  I was in so much pain I was trying to hold back tears and breath slowly.  I would look at my district leader with big eyes and say, it hurts it hurts.  Then the Presidnts wife Hermana Cordon who said she wanted to take me to the hospital the next day saw me and said, lets go right now.  She gets things going I like her.  So we switched companions and I have ad the nurse as a companion for almost a week now.  I spent tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday morning in the hospital with IV antibiotics and pain meds.  The first night I had the chills but the other nights I got good sleep.  And they had good food.  Then we went back to the house of the nurse and the doctor said I have to rest for no less than one week.  He is loco because I am so bored!  I went crazy yesterday because I hadnt seen the outdoors for so long and I needed to see the sky.  Anyway for the nurses I had rofefine in the hospital, we switched that antibiotic, and we switched it again, so I am on my fourth or fifth antibiotic right now.  Good thing I have diflucan for those who understand what that is.
Anyway ths the story.  I was a big girl and only cried once when I couldnt see the sky in the nurses house and was going crazy and i thought about dads bday and I missed Celiese because there was a child acorss the street that sounded like her.  I got a blessing from president when I entered the hospital and asked him to call my parents just to let them know whats up.  So my arm still hurts, but I am feeling a lot better now that I can get out of the house.  Today I am working in the office as the nurse getting ready for the new missionaries.  But I get to return to my area tomorrow of which I am excited because we have a BAUPTISM!!!!  My Pablo is getting baptized.  His wife is the nurse and he is the one the Spirit told me was in the road to Damascus.  And we read the story in the bible and I told him that Christ wanted him to get to know him, and I wanted to know why.  I am excited.  I hope they go to the temple in a year.  He is really smart and I love their family.  I am excited to also teach a new investigator named Germes.  He was a reference that we contacted really quick on sunday morning before church to invite him to come out.  He said okay all i need to do is wash up and get dressed and I will come.  THAT never happens, and he actually came!!!!  I had to go to the hospital so I didnt get to teach him but my comp Hermana Duarte said that he told her that he had a dream, and they really believe in their dreams here, but he had a dream about my face (my face) and he wants to listen to what we have to teach because he dreamed about me.  Kind of creepy but kind of cool, so I am excited to get back and tell him I am a representative of Jesus Christ and I am good news for him. 
Anyway, I have been learning more about the nursing job and sometimes I am overwhelmed with what the future holds.  Also Hermana Allen spoke in english to me so my spanish is failling fast, so I am glad to get back to El Espino.  I miss my ward and people. 
But I gotta run.  Have a wonderful week everyone.  PS I am not sure, communication is iffy around here but apparently we can call home for mothers day anytime from now till sunday for 40 minutes, and no skypeing.  So i have to find a phone to do that.  I will call and set up a time.  Sorry thats vague.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dear Family,
I think its week 6 I do not know.  This week has been really rollercoaster like.  I will explain.
We are excited because we asked Roberto to be baptized the 7th of Mayo his birthday and he has excepted.  At first we were not sure if his answer was firm, but on Sunday him and his wife were looking at the baptismal font and he said, I want to be baptized.  He is the brother that I felt was in the road to damascus.  So I am excited for that.
We also got to go to the temple in San Salvador this week!!!!  It is a beautiful temple, really nice of course.  I like a painting in the front of Christ with a nephite and lammanite girl one on each side. 
Then on Saturday we did service from 7 in the morning till 230 in the afternoon with the whole district for a family in one of our Elders area.  We chopped o macheted bamboo large and small and cleaned the branches off with machetes (dont know how to spell).  Then we bundled them and carried them about a mile or so to the hut of the family we were serving.  The logs are long and heavy.  Most the elders could only carry 5 in one bundle.  It takes two people to carry one bundle.  But me and an Elder from Mexico took 10, and then I returned and carried a large log with my comp, and then I returned again and carried another 10, and THEN I returned again and carried 15 with a Elder Taylor.  Elder Taylor said if you do this I will have so much respect for you, I said you dont already after 3 loads.  I went for the most trips and carried a lot each time.  The husband of the family and his friend were so amazed.  I didnt understand all that he said but he said something like I have never met any woman with as much physical or spiritual strength as you.  I think the friend asked me if I was married, but he was kind of drunk I think, the family didnt really want him around. And the wife gave me a really big hug for a long time.  The huband gave me a hug too, but I didnt hug him back because its a rule, so i just said de nada and hoped he would let go haha.  They are a really nice family.  So of course we are all sore from the service but its nothing compared to the next story.
So I have a misquito bit at the middle of my arm, my elbow pit.  Its exactly where my backback strap hits when I put on my backpack, so who knows how many germs it has seen.  It started getting infected and I scrubbed it and put neosporin on it and bandaged it.  Well it didnt hurt all of Saturday during service.  But that night it started to hurt so I thought tomorrow I will call the nurse.  Well it was about the same in the morning but during church which starts at 8 it started going crazy and its swollen, hot, and red.  I called the nurse because I needed something right away.  The doctor thought mabe I had an allergic reaction so he had me take antibiotics and benadryl.  The benadryl was awful I couldnt walk, think, just sleep.  Well it turns out with all the drama that the nurse had me take half as much antibiotic as I needed because she confused it with another antibiotic.  But I was so out of it I just couludnt think about it.  But when the doctor called me last night he was mad.  He asked me why I was taking half as much and I will no engergy could only say because thats what the nurse told me to take and he said you know better you are a nurse.  But I couldnt think I was so drugged up.  I would cry but I just dont have the engergy.  My arm is like an elephants.  It hurts so bad.  I got a blessing last night and after my fever broke.  But then the doctor called and was mad so I couldnt sleep well because I had sleeped all day and I was worried about him being mad at me.  I am not mad at the nurse though, I should of said something and she was in church at it was just loco. So yes my arm has a staph infection, welcome to Central America.  My blessing said that I will be able to rest to day and work on tuesday so I am having faith in that.
Anyway for this reason I dont realy feel like writing or doing anything.  Well I want to but I have no energy.  I really am having a good time.  My district leader asked me how many missions I had been on, and I laughed and said how old do you think I am (this is before he had seen or met me it was over the phone).  He said it was because I had adjusted so well to the mission that it was like I had been on one before.  Sometimes I am frustrated, but for the most part I am happy.  Its just this one incident with my arm that puts a damper in my week.  I thought about not tell you all about it, but I want prayers so I did. 
Anyway I dont feel much like sharing more details of my week, I am so tired.  I have to switch cold and hot packs on my arm and it hurts.  So I wont send pictures this week just sleep.
Love you all, I hope to recover quickly and get back out there.
Hermana Mary Anne Bryce

Monday, April 9, 2012

Santa Ana Week 2!

Okay so I just wrote a grand email and then the internet didn't work
and I don't want to type it all again. So I will summarize the main

Happy bday to or happy birth to Summer Grace, happy late bday to
Jordy, I pray for you and love you you are my fav bro in law, happy
late bday to Audry, I totallly forgot because there is no way she is

A shout out to Clare Smith who sent me a card all the way from the
Czech Republic, and to Phil Lollar, thanks Phil it meant a lot to me.

This week we had a multizone conference.  The spirit was strong even
though I didn't understand it all.  It's getting easier to understand
President Cordon.  He told us to study the last week of Christ's life
this last week end and study the resurrection on sunday.  Of course I
was happy to do because Easter is big in our family, I missed dad a
lot.  But it was sad because they didn't sing any easter songs in

I asked someone to be baptized this week who accepted.  Its kind of
hard to be excited though because I can never understand him because
he is old and I think at times not all there kind of like some of our
cousins are not all there if you know what I mean.  But I am excited
for Fam Lopez.  The husband is not a member but the wife is and they
have two little children.  We had an activity at the temple on friday
with the whole mission and our investigators.  I taught in Spanish
thank you very much about what primary is.  I will tell you more about
this family next week when hopefully the internet works.

Also this week I helped build a hut from bamboo sticks and cardboard
and chopped wood.

This week has been interesting because all the famlilies seem to be
fighting.  We walked in on a fight in progress that was escalating to
more than just verbal and I wanted to flee but we said okay one at a
time and we listened for a long time and then taught.  The husband
asked if all my family was members.  I said yes, he said he speaks
english becasue he is a english teacher.  He said its different here.
I said, I know I am from the US and all my family is members and its
different but my family is happy because my dad puts God first, and my
mom next.  If you want to show love for you son then love your wife, I
could tell he loved his baby son a lot so i told him its best to love
his wife.

My testimony of prophets is strengthened because The Proclamation to
the World is so so important, I would say more but dont have time.
The prophets truely know.

Well I want to hurry, ahh the dumb internet!

The area Doctor his wife Elder and Hna Drake and I, this is their
fourth mission and they are so funny and cool.

My comp in CCM, Carlos, and I
- Carlos was the chef that said - we have a lot of groups that come
through the CCM but your group was different I dont know why but they
were different and he teared up, and he gave me recipes. 

Learning how to make pupusas.

Washing my clothes.

Teaching about primary with other missionaries.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guatemala MTC Week 2

(Hermana Bryce is on the first row, third in on the right side with the red shirt!)

Dear Fam,  This week I am going to try to email all of you
individually so I will make this one short.  I am doing great.  I am
off cloud 9 on cloud 7 or 8, which is not bad but its just not cloud
9.  but its not good to be on cloud nine all the time.  The spanish is
coming slowly but its coming.

So i forgot to tell you the first week of provo, that in my group that
entered the mtc was the first missionary from ethiopia.  i have a list
on a paper of the things to tell you, so i am trying to catch up.  i
forgot to tell you that my old district leader was a blonde version of
Jorden Marble, not as funny as Jorden, but everything else about him
was exactly, it was weird and fun.

This week for devotional Elder Martino, the area
presidency 70 whatever we call them now spoke.  We had an interpreter
for us, and I sand with one of my companions and two tongan elders for
the spirital number.  We sang teach me to walk in the light one verse
english one togan, and one spanish.  I was volunteered the day of the
devotional.  this sunday all the hermanas in our branch are singing a
special number.  sometimes i sing in the shower and all the latinas
say i sing so beautiful.  which is partly true, because they cant sing
worth a darn.

We had our first sacrament meeting here and it was sper fun.  We left the
door open so the lighting was like being outside and  i could hear all
the birds outside.  The weather is perfect here, its like being in san
diego so sometimes its hard to focus because its like being on
vacation.  We went to the temple two days ago too.  If you look at the
shape of the Guatemala City temple that is the shape of a lot of the
rooms.  We had our session in english so that was nice.  And our older
sister with us took us around the temple and showed us the sealing
rooms.  It was fun.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Guatemalan MTC!

so they told us that we couldnt write on pday beause we wrote early
but we get to!!!!!!  so more about the ccm in guatemala.  its almost
right next to the temple, there is an eye center and a gas station and
then the temple but we can see the temple from a lot of our windows.
the buildy is L shaped and my window is the third floor over the
enterance to the ccm.  the other side of the building is the house of
guest.  they house rms from guatemala and help them get jobs, and
families going to the temple from far away i think.  one of the former
ccm presidents was an x-guatemalan military or something like that so
he made them put more fenses and barbwire around the ccm, the front
has nice fencing and a guard in a buiding that controls the gate.  and
then around the ccm there are gaurds with guns.  we can only leave to
go to the temple with a teacher or we go contacting at the temple with
a teacher so we are really safe.  so the food, i have to tell you
about the food.  its amazing.  we have a man that heads up the
cafeteria that is not concerned about feeding the masses as much as
making it tasty and its real eggs not powder like in provo, and pretty
much good mexican food all the time.  and juices.  jimica juice,
watermelon juice.  and they serve cute up fruit at every meal.  and
the bread is amazing.  they have two hot sauces at every meal one is
lime and spicy and i love it and the other one is red.  the nativos
look at me funny when i put a lot of spice on my plate and sometimes
they think its too hope.  i love the food because it reminds me of
arizona.  one morning we had rise milk cereal like dad used to have
mom make when we were little with cinnom and sugar.  anyway, just so
you know i am eating amazing food. the only probably is they said eat
everything they serve you.  i can get pretty full. but sometimes i
have to tell them not to put something on my plate and i feel bad.
okay so in my last letter i said i love being a missionary, and this
is why.  we were practicing a first contact with our teacher, our
teachers play an investigator they had on their missions.  and while
we were teaching i thought to myself, i love this this is fun.  i like
my teachers they are good.  we had an interview with our male teacher
one on one and he told me that he loved that i was always smiling and
being happy.  i told him i didnt have spanish before my mission like
the other norte hermanas and he said he would rather have a class for
of people like me who are happy than people who are really good at
spanish.  and he said i will be able to make people smile and share
the gospel with just my smile.  that made me happy.  i try to get to
know all the nativos.  we talked to one and she said she likes to make
doll cothes and i said my mom does to.  i show them pictures of you
all and they think you are beauitul.  one came up to me and said i
look like her sister.  the maintence guy here said, have you heard of
bete miter, you look like her. haha all the nativos girls and boys
know me, the boys like to practice their english and say sister bryce
sister bryce how are you.  we are so lucky to be here, there are only
6 north american (norte) sisters here.  ther eare about 110
missionaries here in all. two branches.  so i am super lucky.  i wish
my elders from provo could  be here, they were really good. anyway i have one
minute left.  i love you all very very much.  keep praying for me and
of course i always pray for you.  love love love you.  oh and by the
way dear elder still works, get it in by sunday at noon utah time and
it will get to me by wed.  bye love hna bryce
Hermana MA Bryce

The Palmers!

Mary Anne and the Palmers in the MTC!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

IMPORTANTE:  The best way to write me is through  Its free at the MTCs, it used to be free for forgein missions but I heard they charge now but it cost money to send letters anyway.  Its like writing an email but they print it out and it gets to us fast.  In provo they print them at 12 and at 5 so i get it the same day and we love it!  It seems so long till P-day and we only get 30 min on the computer.  Plus if you send me a dearelder letter it shows your address and I can write you back, good idea si?  Don't send me sweets please, I don't really like them.  Well at least not for awhile, because they feed us a ton in the MTC and all we do is sit, but I eat salad and work out and I haven't gained wt so thats good.
Okay so this week, so much to say in so little time, the highlights are:
DEVOTIONAL:  This weeks devotional we celebrated 50 years of the PROVO MTC.  Elder Nelson and his wife Wendy and Elder Holland and Pat came, along with Elder Jensen of the pres of the 70 and lots of other visitors.  Their talks were so good.  Before the opening song and prayer Pres Brown of the MTC said Elder Nelson requested that he annouce that such-in-such % of the flordia votes were in and Mit had 47% of them, I don't know how it turned it out in the end.  You are free to update me.  Elder Holland just had a short talk but he kept saying we have an obligation to honor the calling in which we stand in.  He kept saying obligation, "I can't think of another work, but you have an obligation."  Which was an interesting word because it pops up a few times in my partriacle blessing.  Elder Nelson gave a history of the MTC and dedicated 5 buildings that had been renovated, I live in one of them it is named after the first sister missionary.  And I got to sing in the choir and everyone said they saw me on the screen, I was about 3 rows up from the conducter dead center! 
And then, for the closing song we sang the song that goes Victory Victory, through Him that redeemed us.  I cried and cried because Dad always sings that song and I need victory in my life. 
CLASS/ESPANOL:  I am slowly learning espanol, I am learning how i learn so I can study more effectively.  We are suppose to speak it all the time but my comp doesn't a lot so its hard.  And I want to wake up early because we don't wake up till 6:30 lame, so I want to wake up early and read El Libro de Mormon, but they look down on that because it is disobedience to the schedule. But I talked to Heavenly Father about it and said, if He approves this plan then He can be my alarm clock to wake me us so I don't bug the other sisters and I will get up and study.  I say this because today I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5am and couldn't go back to sleep, I might as well read.  I love my teachers, our 1st "investagator" turned into our teacher it was weird, but I really like him.  He did one on one teaching with my comp and I and the Spirit was really stong. 
TRAVEL PLANS:  I leave the Provo MTC Feb 14 for the Guatemalan MTC.  We leave at 4:30pm from the mtc, fly to los angelos, then leave Los Angelos at 10:45pm and get to Guatemala at 5:30 am and get to work.  I can call from the airport so stay up late that night.  If Michelle has a shift that night we may be chatting.  I only have some numbers memorized so send me your numbers on
THE GILA VALLEY: I have seen Elder Steven's of the Trina Steven's family, can't remember her husbands name, Elder Mayberry the Skinners know him, Alex mom you were in the temple when he was endowed, and another Gila Valley elder but I can't remember right now and its killing me. 
Well the MTC can be stressfull, its definately a roller coaster.  I am learning a lot, and learning to apply the Atonement which has been the best blessing of all.
I miss you all more than I can say, it gets worse when the sun goes down I get home sick really bad.  I prayed for each of you individually in the celestial room in the provo temple today.  In RS on sunday we had a general RS board member and she played a song of her grand-daughter singing I love to see the temple off her phone and it sounded like Hannah and I cried, I was like come'on lady you are torchuring me. 
Well I gotta run to dinner, and fold laundry, and go to class and get back into spanish mode.  I love P-day, but its hard to get back in the groove.
Hermana Mary Anne Bryce

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Provo MTC Week One!

I made it safely to the Provo MTC!  For the boys who remember their first week - yes its probably the same as yours. 
I am learning spanish it seems super fast for me, but not so fast compared to others in my district.  But I have to remember not to get frustrated.  Its hard right now because I am in the back of the class and another hermana is in the front and she is majoring in French, actually she is one semester off graduating so she knows all the rules and grammar of french and its a lot like spanish.  So when the teacher says, do you understand she sepaks it all well and I am lost in the back.  I am always asking questions.  They said we are going to move the desks every week so that will be good.  I like our district mucho mas.  Of course, my personality has not changed and I get along better with the Elders than the Hernamans.  The Hernmanas are great too.

My teachers are super nice.  They only speak spanish to us so its hard.  They said to not worry its only the 4th day, but it can be stressful.  There is so much I can say about how things are run here.  They have changed it to focus on the investigator, which is good.  But we teach fake investigators so far and its a little weird but I still like it.

PS there is rumor that the 1st presidency is coming for devotional for the 50 years of MTC next week.