Thursday, May 17, 2012

Week 8

Please include Mary Anne in your prayers this week as she continues to heal from an infection in her arm.

Well, pues si, the arm story saga what have you continues.  I was released form the hospital and my arm was smaller but then it had three abcesses, two round like the third just hard.  I called Hermana Cordon and the next day we went to see an Infectologist in San Salvador - out of our mission.  Well before that let me give you background.  Before I came in the mission the mission always used the hosital in San Salvador, but then we got a new AMA or area doctor that said the hospital in Santa Ana would be sufficient.  But we learned from my experience that it is not.  They said they swabbed my arm for a culture, but they didn´t.  They used antibiotics that were not affective and changed them offen.   LIke they used an antibiotic one time.  Anway we wish we could have changed that but we can not.  Anyway then we went to the infectologist.  He didnt want to cut it open and take a sample so he just tought oh because you are a nurse in the united states I think its MRSA.  MRSA is the big daddy of infections.  But I dont feel really sick, I have engergy just my arm is still swollen in three places.  So we started Zyboz (Linezolide) Intravenous.  They don't have IV machines here so its just drip.  I recieved the frist dose of 4 in the hospital and then I admistered the 3 remaining ones ever 12 hours in my house.  We have a nail in the wall that acted as my IV pole.  My arm did get better. We saw the infecologist again, and then after a surgeon who said he doesnt think it is MRSA that basically we are killing an ant with a cannon with the big gun antibiotics.  Anwy way I have to run the day has been crazy.  But I cant work and my arm has to be in a sling.  All is well dont worry about me my President is good at taking care of me.

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