Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dear Family,
I think its week 6 I do not know.  This week has been really rollercoaster like.  I will explain.
We are excited because we asked Roberto to be baptized the 7th of Mayo his birthday and he has excepted.  At first we were not sure if his answer was firm, but on Sunday him and his wife were looking at the baptismal font and he said, I want to be baptized.  He is the brother that I felt was in the road to damascus.  So I am excited for that.
We also got to go to the temple in San Salvador this week!!!!  It is a beautiful temple, really nice of course.  I like a painting in the front of Christ with a nephite and lammanite girl one on each side. 
Then on Saturday we did service from 7 in the morning till 230 in the afternoon with the whole district for a family in one of our Elders area.  We chopped o macheted bamboo large and small and cleaned the branches off with machetes (dont know how to spell).  Then we bundled them and carried them about a mile or so to the hut of the family we were serving.  The logs are long and heavy.  Most the elders could only carry 5 in one bundle.  It takes two people to carry one bundle.  But me and an Elder from Mexico took 10, and then I returned and carried a large log with my comp, and then I returned again and carried another 10, and THEN I returned again and carried 15 with a Elder Taylor.  Elder Taylor said if you do this I will have so much respect for you, I said you dont already after 3 loads.  I went for the most trips and carried a lot each time.  The husband of the family and his friend were so amazed.  I didnt understand all that he said but he said something like I have never met any woman with as much physical or spiritual strength as you.  I think the friend asked me if I was married, but he was kind of drunk I think, the family didnt really want him around. And the wife gave me a really big hug for a long time.  The huband gave me a hug too, but I didnt hug him back because its a rule, so i just said de nada and hoped he would let go haha.  They are a really nice family.  So of course we are all sore from the service but its nothing compared to the next story.
So I have a misquito bit at the middle of my arm, my elbow pit.  Its exactly where my backback strap hits when I put on my backpack, so who knows how many germs it has seen.  It started getting infected and I scrubbed it and put neosporin on it and bandaged it.  Well it didnt hurt all of Saturday during service.  But that night it started to hurt so I thought tomorrow I will call the nurse.  Well it was about the same in the morning but during church which starts at 8 it started going crazy and its swollen, hot, and red.  I called the nurse because I needed something right away.  The doctor thought mabe I had an allergic reaction so he had me take antibiotics and benadryl.  The benadryl was awful I couldnt walk, think, just sleep.  Well it turns out with all the drama that the nurse had me take half as much antibiotic as I needed because she confused it with another antibiotic.  But I was so out of it I just couludnt think about it.  But when the doctor called me last night he was mad.  He asked me why I was taking half as much and I will no engergy could only say because thats what the nurse told me to take and he said you know better you are a nurse.  But I couldnt think I was so drugged up.  I would cry but I just dont have the engergy.  My arm is like an elephants.  It hurts so bad.  I got a blessing last night and after my fever broke.  But then the doctor called and was mad so I couldnt sleep well because I had sleeped all day and I was worried about him being mad at me.  I am not mad at the nurse though, I should of said something and she was in church at it was just loco. So yes my arm has a staph infection, welcome to Central America.  My blessing said that I will be able to rest to day and work on tuesday so I am having faith in that.
Anyway for this reason I dont realy feel like writing or doing anything.  Well I want to but I have no energy.  I really am having a good time.  My district leader asked me how many missions I had been on, and I laughed and said how old do you think I am (this is before he had seen or met me it was over the phone).  He said it was because I had adjusted so well to the mission that it was like I had been on one before.  Sometimes I am frustrated, but for the most part I am happy.  Its just this one incident with my arm that puts a damper in my week.  I thought about not tell you all about it, but I want prayers so I did. 
Anyway I dont feel much like sharing more details of my week, I am so tired.  I have to switch cold and hot packs on my arm and it hurts.  So I wont send pictures this week just sleep.
Love you all, I hope to recover quickly and get back out there.
Hermana Mary Anne Bryce

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