Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 9, 2012


I am a pround aunt AGAIN!  Preston is here, I like to tell people here they are always like, WHAT you have a huge family.  And I think, you have no idea you do not know the Smith Family or Mullenauex.  So we have 16 nieces and nephews and 30 in all, Jeff would make it 30.  Yeah I am happy.

On the contrary, I cried when I heard Obama won.  I prayed that I would have strength to raise my kids in this world and cried, but then picked my head up and remmebered part of my blessing that talks about my kids and that if I go to the temple we will be strengthened.  So its going to be okay as long as we keep our convenants.  

I am sorry I did not tell you anything about my comp, its because she was living the house with me before so I already knew here so I fogot to tell you all about her.  She is from Guatemala is 22 years old and has 1 year in the mission.  She has a lot of love She is patient with the nursing stuff, is a big help. 

We are still working with Israel, he read 1 nefi 4, and is continuing to read. 

We did splits the other day and I found some catholic boys and taught them them about the book of mormon.  Adres read 3 nefi 11, and we have another apt with them monday, yeah!  I am hopeful, they are super fun to teach.  Andres likes it, the others are kind of just listening to learn about the religion.

Well I am out of time, I love you all. 

Hermana Bryce

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