Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Guatemalan MTC!

so they told us that we couldnt write on pday beause we wrote early
but we get to!!!!!!  so more about the ccm in guatemala.  its almost
right next to the temple, there is an eye center and a gas station and
then the temple but we can see the temple from a lot of our windows.
the buildy is L shaped and my window is the third floor over the
enterance to the ccm.  the other side of the building is the house of
guest.  they house rms from guatemala and help them get jobs, and
families going to the temple from far away i think.  one of the former
ccm presidents was an x-guatemalan military or something like that so
he made them put more fenses and barbwire around the ccm, the front
has nice fencing and a guard in a buiding that controls the gate.  and
then around the ccm there are gaurds with guns.  we can only leave to
go to the temple with a teacher or we go contacting at the temple with
a teacher so we are really safe.  so the food, i have to tell you
about the food.  its amazing.  we have a man that heads up the
cafeteria that is not concerned about feeding the masses as much as
making it tasty and its real eggs not powder like in provo, and pretty
much good mexican food all the time.  and juices.  jimica juice,
watermelon juice.  and they serve cute up fruit at every meal.  and
the bread is amazing.  they have two hot sauces at every meal one is
lime and spicy and i love it and the other one is red.  the nativos
look at me funny when i put a lot of spice on my plate and sometimes
they think its too hope.  i love the food because it reminds me of
arizona.  one morning we had rise milk cereal like dad used to have
mom make when we were little with cinnom and sugar.  anyway, just so
you know i am eating amazing food. the only probably is they said eat
everything they serve you.  i can get pretty full. but sometimes i
have to tell them not to put something on my plate and i feel bad.
okay so in my last letter i said i love being a missionary, and this
is why.  we were practicing a first contact with our teacher, our
teachers play an investigator they had on their missions.  and while
we were teaching i thought to myself, i love this this is fun.  i like
my teachers they are good.  we had an interview with our male teacher
one on one and he told me that he loved that i was always smiling and
being happy.  i told him i didnt have spanish before my mission like
the other norte hermanas and he said he would rather have a class for
of people like me who are happy than people who are really good at
spanish.  and he said i will be able to make people smile and share
the gospel with just my smile.  that made me happy.  i try to get to
know all the nativos.  we talked to one and she said she likes to make
doll cothes and i said my mom does to.  i show them pictures of you
all and they think you are beauitul.  one came up to me and said i
look like her sister.  the maintence guy here said, have you heard of
bete miter, you look like her. haha all the nativos girls and boys
know me, the boys like to practice their english and say sister bryce
sister bryce how are you.  we are so lucky to be here, there are only
6 north american (norte) sisters here.  ther eare about 110
missionaries here in all. two branches.  so i am super lucky.  i wish
my elders from provo could  be here, they were really good. anyway i have one
minute left.  i love you all very very much.  keep praying for me and
of course i always pray for you.  love love love you.  oh and by the
way dear elder still works, get it in by sunday at noon utah time and
it will get to me by wed.  bye love hna bryce
Hermana MA Bryce

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  1. AWESOME!!!! Sounds like Hermana Bryce is having the time of her life! I'm going to 'DearElder' her right now! PLEASE keep the updates coming! I love reading each of them!!!