Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guatemala MTC Week 2

(Hermana Bryce is on the first row, third in on the right side with the red shirt!)

Dear Fam,  This week I am going to try to email all of you
individually so I will make this one short.  I am doing great.  I am
off cloud 9 on cloud 7 or 8, which is not bad but its just not cloud
9.  but its not good to be on cloud nine all the time.  The spanish is
coming slowly but its coming.

So i forgot to tell you the first week of provo, that in my group that
entered the mtc was the first missionary from ethiopia.  i have a list
on a paper of the things to tell you, so i am trying to catch up.  i
forgot to tell you that my old district leader was a blonde version of
Jorden Marble, not as funny as Jorden, but everything else about him
was exactly, it was weird and fun.

This week for devotional Elder Martino, the area
presidency 70 whatever we call them now spoke.  We had an interpreter
for us, and I sand with one of my companions and two tongan elders for
the spirital number.  We sang teach me to walk in the light one verse
english one togan, and one spanish.  I was volunteered the day of the
devotional.  this sunday all the hermanas in our branch are singing a
special number.  sometimes i sing in the shower and all the latinas
say i sing so beautiful.  which is partly true, because they cant sing
worth a darn.

We had our first sacrament meeting here and it was sper fun.  We left the
door open so the lighting was like being outside and  i could hear all
the birds outside.  The weather is perfect here, its like being in san
diego so sometimes its hard to focus because its like being on
vacation.  We went to the temple two days ago too.  If you look at the
shape of the Guatemala City temple that is the shape of a lot of the
rooms.  We had our session in english so that was nice.  And our older
sister with us took us around the temple and showed us the sealing
rooms.  It was fun.


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