Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 15, 2013

Buenas Tardes Familia,
How has it been?  It's been well a good week, although my comp is sick. I feel bad for her.
So I have been working sometimes with her but sometimes not.  But I get a lot done even though she is sick. 
Well, I am enduring to the end.  My comp reminds me everyday that I have 4 months left.  And what am I suppose to do after that, a saber?  Well I will be writing you all to get some things organized for me.  I will be moving to Provo doing online school, and get a job probably doing hospice again or something with old people.  I have realized that if that is where I should have talent I should run with it.  There is a high demand as well so. 
We met a lady yesterday with her mentally handicap niece that was crying, I cried just to see the state of living that she was in, just in a shirt.  She was trying to comunicate to her aunt but her aunt did not understand.  I said, do you want a drink of water, and she shook her head yes yes thats it.  And then other stuff.  She wanted me to put her apron on and not her aunt.  We sang her I am a child of God, and then I told her we had a special song for her but she had to listen to in in english because I did not know it in spanish, we sang Pop corn poping and she would copy our actions, and she was so happy.  That was fun. 
I have really enjoyed having Hermana Ahrendsen as a comp.  She is possitive and funny.  And she says, if something doesn't work we got to change it fast.  I love that. She really understands the work.  I am really excited to learn from her.  Even though she has less time in the mission she has had more full time as a missionary and not sharing nurse and missionary. She said, teach me to be the mission nurse, and I said teach me to be a missionary.
I never like to get down, but I was expessing my feelings to Hermana Ahrendsen my super cool new companion. I told her, I do not feel like i am a good missionary. I can be a good nurse, but the conversations of the gospel I would like to have do not come easy to me. Well The other night we went to Jenny and Freddy´s house. Jenny´s parents were baptized when she was five and she used to go to church with them. But they fell away before she was baptized. She always liked the church and wanted to get baptized but now finds herself with a baby and a companion. Well just as we arrived they had fought over something and Jenny had left. Freddy acted like nothing was wrong (we did not see what went on), but the feeling in the room was that something was wrong. I asked, what happened. Nothing they answered jenny just left for a while sorry she is not here. Well she came back about 5 minutes later with tears in her eyes. I talked to her and she said she was going to move in with her mom. Now, the reason her mom left the church is because she left with another man, and since that time has had 7 men. I told her straightforward that to live with her mom would not fix anything that her mom was a bad influence. Jenny said, but I am tired. I asked her if she had a little bit of hope left, she said no. I taught her, Christ was really tired when he suffered your pain with the hope that you would not turn out like your mom (and some other conversation of Christ and what was going on). We had her neighbor with us, so I said we are all going to kneel down, Cristy your fiend is going to say a prayer and then after you are going to say one. So we did and after she said, I feel better, I have hope now, I will not leave to go to my moms. When we got home Hermana Ahrendsen said, what do you mean you do not feel like a missionary, how did you know to do that and say those things. You just turned that situation around. Well, All I got to say is, It’s not our work, Because if it was I would have failed. 

Sometimes I do not feel like I have changed.  I think what we talked about is that my release date is the week you are at the beach.  Sweet just release me there.  I haev no problem getting interviewed in the morning and buggy boarding the afternoon.  I do not know if I should feel sinful for feeling this way, but I know to look at all my brothers missiony work was always part of them.  They had it before and they kept it after.  I would rather be like them than to be super spiritual for 2 years and then when I get home be awkward and think that everyone is sinning and then turn out to never share the gospel again.  I will probably come home and think everyone is so righteous, because here there is lots of fornication, I will prbably see less of women on the beach than here, so I really do not think it will be a problem.  Now going back to singles wards, that will be challenge to talk to boys not about investigadors or their diarrhea.  Pues, we wil see how it goes.  I think the mission has really helped me realize what I want in a husband and more how I will raise my kids.  More than anything I want someone happy and happily obidient that just obeys because its part of him not to be like the jews but not like the lammanites.  He doesnt have to be perfect, just happy.  Why am I saying this?  And I do not want to be super strict  my kids, but I have learned from lots of latin elders how to know when they are lying. 
Well I am just babbering now.  Hey we found two YSA boys that are super cool.  They live with their 90 year old grandpa and their mom died a year ago.  They did not know that we lived with Heavenly Father before and that they could live with their mom.  We also found a family that the dad drinks a lot, he has never prayed even in his heart (remember I am central ameria everone believes in Christ), we got him to pray and he said he felt the chills.  Ahh if only these cool expereinces could result in baptisms and temple ordinances.  I gotta work even harder!
Well I should jet, we are going to get my hair cut today. 
Take care lots, kiss all my niences and nephews for me, give yourselfs hugs from me.  Prepare good references for husbands for me, look for jobs in Utah for me, and Give Gracie Levit a good grand hug for me.  

Hermana Bryce

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